Primary Care

Primary Care includes annual or biannual examinations and routine vaccinations. Exams are critical to catching potential problems early, while vaccinations are vital to preventing deadly diseases.

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Cat Preventative Care Page
Dog Preventative Care Page

Preventative Care

Preventative Care includes internal parasite testing, wellness bloodwork, infectious disease screening and nutritional recommendations.
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Cat Preventative Care Page
Dog Preventative Care Page

Senior Care

Examinations and bloodwork are recommended every 6 months for senior pets. A pet’s state of health can change quickly when they are a senior and biannual exams will help the veterinarians detect potential problems early.

Laboratory Services

Many diagnostic tests can be run in-house with our state of the art laboratory equipment. This allows the veterinarians to quickly evaluate the results of the diagnostics. When appropriate, we also utilize professional reference laboratory services as well. If needed, our veterinarians are able to consult with experts regarding the diagnostic results.

Imaging Services

The veterinarians at Pine Woods Animal Hospital have the ability to utilize digital radiography and ultrasonography for imaging diagnostics. This allows the veterinarian to see the internal aspects of your pet.
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Digital Radiography


Pine Woods Animal Hospital has both an in-house pharmacy and an online pharmacy, Vetsource. Once your medications refill request is submitted through Vetsource your order will be reviewed by one of our staff veterinarians. Once it is approved, the order will be conveniently delivered to your home.

You may also submit your medication refill request for pick up during regular office hours by contacting the office directly. You will speak with a receptionist who will submit your request to one of our staff veterinarians for approval. If your pet is currently on the medication you are requesting to refill or you are requesting a refill of a prior medication, please provide both the dosage and the frequency given.

Please contact the office at least 48 hours in advance for refill requests. This gives our veterinarians time to review your request and contact you with any questions.

Per New York State law, your pet will need to be current on his or her annual exam for medication authorization. Please note that some long-term medications require routine blood testing to monitor its effects on major organ function. Your pet should be current on any required blood work.