Physical Rehab Therapy Benefits:

– Encourages faster healing
– Decreases pain
– Helps reduce inflammation
– Promotes strength and flexibility
– Increases proprioception
– Increases function
– Improves quality of life

Physical Rehab Therapy can help treat a variety of conditions including:

– Arthritis
– Post-op orthopedic surgery
– Cruciate ligament injury
– Hip dysplasia
– Other orthopedic and neurologic disorders
– Degenerative myelopathy
– Intervertebral disc disease
– Post-traumatic injury
– Obesity and metabolic issues
– Sporting dog conditioning

Customized Treatment Plan

After an initial assessment with our certified rehab veterinarian, Dr. Aubri Matroniano, we will come up with a plan for your dog or cat. Our experienced team uses positive reinforcement in a relaxed environment for the best outcome. We incorporate different treatment modalities including:
– Low level laser therapy
– Underwater treadmill
– Electrical Stimulation
– Therapeutic exercises
– Massage
– Home exercise plan
– Experience in the use and fitting of assistive devices such as orthotics and carts

Therapeutic Exercise

We use a variety of exercises to strengthen the core muscle groups, increase flexibility and work on balance. Equipment such as balance balls, discs, and cavaletti rails are often used.

Underwater Treadmill

Water supports the patient’s weight, taking stress and pressure off joints while providing resistance for strengthening. It is a great tool to help dogs and cats get back on their paws more quickly following injury or surgery. The underwater treadmill is a wonderful tool we also use in our weight management and athletic conditioning programs.

Treatment Sequence

A typical treatment sequence may include up to twice weekly visits. Evening appointments are available to accommodate busy schedules. Arrangements can also be made to drop off pet for rehab sessions. Rehab session packages are available at a discounted rate.