New Client Registration

To help us make your registration process smooth we have a downloadable New Client Registration Form. Please have this form filled out and ready to hand to our receptionists at your first scheduled appointment.

New Client Registration FormDownload and Print Form

​Previous Medical History

Please bring any prior vaccine or medical history that you pet may have received to your first scheduled appointment. Even if your pet is overdue for vaccines it is still beneficial that we review this treatment. If you are an existing client and your pet received medical treatment elsewhere it is important that we receive this history for their medical record. You may bring a hard copy of previous medical history in person to the office, or you may have it faxed to the hospital at (716) 695-7837 or email at

Existing Client Registration

Address, phone number, or e-mail change? Please keep us updated! Fill out the Existing Client Registration Form and forward to our reception staff in person or through fax or e-mail.

Existing Client Registration FormDownload and Print Form


Surgery Anesthesia and Consent

Is your pet scheduled for a surgical procedure? Please fill out the Surgery Anesthesia and Consent Form and bring with you the morning of you pets procedure date. If your pet is scheduled for a routine elective procedure, such as spay or neuter, please also fill out the Canine Surgery Elective or Feline Surgery Elective Form.

Surgery Anesthesia and Consent FormDownload and Print Form
Canine Surgery ElectiveDownload and Print Form
Feline Surgery ElectiveDownload and Print Form


Referral Forms

Are you a referring veterinarian? Please fill out the appropriate form and fax it to Pine Woods Animal Hospital with the corresponding medical records. Are you bringing your pet in for a referral service? Please fill out the proper form and bring it with you for your appointment. If you are are coming in for a canine or feline behavior consult, then please print and fill out the behavior form. The behavior consultation form must be returned to Pine Woods Animal Hospital at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled behavior consultation.

RehabilitationDownload and Print Form
EndoscopyDownload and Print Form
Canine BehaviorDownload and Print Form
Feline BehaviorDownload and Print Form