Boarding Admit and Discharge times
Between 9 am and 11 am or 2 pm and 4 pm Monday through Saturday. There are no admits or discharges on Sundays. Occasionally special arrangements can be made.

Required Vaccinations

  • Rabies
  • DHPP (dogs)
  • Bordetella/Kennel Cough (dogs)
  • FVRCP (cats)

All animals must be current on vaccinations PRIOR to boarding. If your pet is not current on his/her vaccinations you may schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians at least one week prior to your pets visit. Some animals are exempt from vaccine boosters. If this is the case a signed document from a veterinarian is required.

What else is required before boarding my pet?
A recent negative stool sample and flea treatment are necessary to prevent the transmission of internal and external parasites within the facilities. Cats are required to have had a recent leukemia/FIV test so that we are aware of their status and can prevent the spread of infectious disease between animals.

What should I bring with my pet?
Your pets regular diet. It is not necessary to bring food or water dishes. We also provide blankets and bedding. If they have a favorite bed or toy feel free to bring it along although please try to keep additional items to a minimum so that they do not get misplaced during your pets stay with us.

What if my pet has a special need or medical condition?
Please inform staff at time of admission whether your pet has any special needs or medical conditions. You will be provided with paperwork to fill out with details regarding how often and at what times medications are to be administered. If your dog has a special need such as fear of new people, ingesting blankets or bedding, or reactivity towards other pets, please let us know so we can care for them appropriately.

May I tour the facilities before boarding my pet?
Absolutely! Please call the hospital and we will arrange a day and time for you to view our facilities.

Is there someone on staff overnight?
There is no over night staff. The hospital is open from 8 am to 8 pm Monday through Friday and boarders are cared for all day by our assistant and kennel staff who begin their shifts at 7 am. Last let out time for dogs in our courtyard is closing at 8 pm. This is the same for Saturdays when the hospital closes at 4 pm. Kennel staff return Saturday evenings for play and exercise time. On Sundays kennel staff is scheduled for morning, afternoon, and evening shifts. There is always veterinary staff on call in case of emergency.