Located in North Tonawanda, Pine Woods Animal Hospital is a privately-owned veterinary practice. Pine Woods began as a one building practice in 2000 with owner, Dr. Michael Diliberto as its sole doctor. Through the years, the practice has expanded beyond Dr. Mike original dream. Pine Woods Animal Hospital has grown and morphed into cutting-edge veterinary office that has more to offer beyond basic veterinary care.

Pine Woods treats both canine and feline companions and consists of two buildings. The Wellness Facility also known as the “original” building is the epicenter of your pet’s primary needs. Located at 570 East Robinson, the wellness building provides preventative care, kitten and puppy care, laboratory and diagnostic services, microchip insertion and registration as well as end of life support and care.

The Surgical and Canine Rehabilitation Facility is the newer addition to the Pine Woods campus. The second building is located at 66 Mead St and is just next door to the Wellness Facility. In addition to offering all the services we offer in the Wellness Facility, we provide surgical care and services with our state-of-the-art surgical suite. Through the use of our endoscope, we are also able to offer non-invasive exploratory options as well. Our rehabilitation center, featuring our underwater treadmill and rehab certified staff, delivers compassionate care for pets that are suffering from arthritis, orthopedic issues, congenital issues, neurological diseases, obesity or are recovering from a traumatic injury or surgical procedure.

If you are looking for alternative veterinary therapies the veterinary staff of both buildings can provide that as well. Dr. Mike is proud to be a practitioner of western medicine and acupuncture. Both buildings have a designated room with subtle scents of calming herbs to help sooth your pet during its acupuncture sessions.

Throughout its growth and expansion, the staff of Pine Woods Animal Hospital has maintained the same level of care and compassion that the practice was founded on by it’s owner, Dr. Michael Diliberto.